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Sydney Air Charter | Altitude Aviation

If you are considering flying to or from Sydney in a private charter look no further than Altitude Aviation. With a wide ranging fleet from Executive Jets through to Tuboprop options which are perfect for getting into smaller and regional airports. We offer Sydney Air Charter flights from all of Sydney’s airports including Mascot Airport, Bankstown Airport, Wollongong and Camden Airports. Charters with Altitude Aviation means we can fly you directly to your destination when you need to go and return with no delays.

Sydney Air Charter will allow you to travel directly to your destination without the long and dangerous hours on the roads or delays and transferring of flights in regional centres. Places we regularly fly to include Parkes which is a 45 minute flight or a 5 Hour Drive., saving 8 hours of travel for a return trip by road. Byron Bay is only just over an hour in a light jet but don’t limit yourself to just New South Wales we can fly you to Victoria, Queensland or nearly anywhere you need to go.

With a locally based fleet we can often have you flying within an hour’s notice pending pilot and plane availability, with a wide range of aircraft available in our fleet we can cater a specialised trip to suit your needs and budget. From Executive jets through to more budget friendly options, get in touch with our experienced charter team and we can organise a trip to best suit your individual needs.

If you need a corporate flight, freight transfer, FIFO transfers, executive jets, private charter, helicopters, pet transfer we are your one stop shop for Sydney Air Charters of any type. With over 20 years of experience in Sydney Air Charter, our wide ranging network and experience we can put together the ideal charter for your needs.