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Mining Fly In Fly Out | Altitude Aviation

Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) operations are a method of employing people in remote, hard to reach locations FIFO is often used across regional Australia. Remote mining and resource sites all have unique logistical challenges that involve rotating multifaceted personnel rosters as well as critical equipment and maintenance supplies. Fly in Fly Out could be the best option for your business in transporting your staff to and from site. With the growth of the mining and resource sector in Australia, the demand for FIFO charter has increased as a cost and time effective method of travel. Altitude Aviation can provide a premium FIFO service from anywhere in Australia to anywhere you need to go.

Why Altitude? With access to a fleet of aircraft Australia wide we can get your crew to the closest airstrip possible from a major city, we currently run multiple weekly mining charter flights, our wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry we will find the right fit your needs.

Why Fly In Fly Out? The time saving benefits alone are making FIFO the most popular way of crew change throughout Australia. One of current mining flights saves over 8 hours of travel each way!! With such a reduction of travel time you will reduce staff fatigue considerably. FIFO can help your fatigue and safety management plans, as well by taking so many hours of staff driving out of the equation you help protect their safety getting to and from site. Morale and Productivity will also increase at the end of reach roster as well, with the knowledge the staff have that all their arrangements are looked after and they can get home quicker and safer. A properly structured and organised FIFO air charter solution will often negate the challenges and expenses associated with restrictive regional airline flights.

Get in touch with Altitude Aviation today and let us tailor a solution for your mining and resource charters.