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Flying With Pets | Altitude Aviation

If your pet is part of your family here at Altitude Aviation we understand the challenge of traveling with your pets over long distances can be a great challenge. More and more pet owners are opting to use charter flights for traveling with their pets. Not only do pet owners get to enjoy the company of their furry friends but they can also be assured that their pets are properly cared for, fed and not stressed out.

Domestically in Australia it is a requirement for dogs, cats and other animals to be placed below the aircraft in the cargo or baggage area where they are essentially treated like luggage. This can create a number of different problems and even bring harm to the animals.

The conditions in the cargo area of an aircraft can be another cause of injury and fatality of pets traveling via commercial airlines. The reason this compartment of an aircraft is called the “cargo area” is because that is exactly what it is meant to carry, cargo. Temperatures can reach extreme highs and lows and in many cases there is nothing keeping animal carrying cases in place. Poor ventilation, low oxygen levels and turbulence are also to blame for such unfortunate incidents.

The fact is, even commercial airlines that claim to be “pet friendly” are not immune to these unfortunate occurrences. Commercial airlines deal with huge volumes of people, pets, luggage, cargo, mail and are often running on a tight schedule. Oversight is not uncommon and the airline employees simply do not have the resources to properly care for your pets.

Here at Altitude Aviation we have arranged flights from Quolls through to a client moving across the Tasman with their dog, this included liaising with customs, vets, and quarantine on each end of the flight to ensure a safe and legal arrival of the whole family in New Zealand. Get in touch with one of charter experts with your enquiries about flying with your furry or scaly family members.