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Birdsville Races Charter Flights | Altitude Aviation

Not quite as famous as the 1st Tuesday in November but still the 1st Saturday in September holds a special place for many Australians with the “Melbourne Cup of the Outback” being held at Birdsville with races occurring since 1882. An iconic and internationally renowned event there is no other event quite like it, with the population swelling from about 100 people to over 7000 for the weekend it is a must do on the bucket list of many Australians.

With the nearest capitol city to Birdsville approx. 1200Kms away it is not easily accessible by road and with a limited amount of commercial flights available why not let Altitude Aviation take the stress and hassle of getting to Birdsville. We have planes available from all major cities and further afield if needed. Get in contact with your charter specialists at Altitude Aviation to see what we can do for you. This once in a lifetime experience means you will get the chance to experience Australia’s outback like never before, sleep under the stars or under the plane wings, in the impromptu arrival lounge turned campground it’s what everyone else does!!

While you are in town there is some must see and do’s, from having a beer at the Birdsville hotel and throwing your tinnie in the street, don’t worry there is a clean-up crew that comes through every night to collect the rubbish. Trying a curried camel pie for those with adventurous taste buds, trekking up the big red sand dune to watch the sunset and if you are brave enough strap on the gloves and head gear for a round in Fred Brophy’s boxing tent. There is plenty to see and do with the party atmosphere being the main reason people keep coming back, make this year the one to tick another thing off the bucket list.